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We are a leading company, dedicated to the sale of machinery for the plastic industry, packaging, recycling and water treatment. Present in the market for more than 25 years. We have a long list of clients that can attest to our history. We have the highest standards and a globalization policy, which is manifested in the quality and technology of our equipment and factories that adopt the requirements of ISO-9001 and / or ISO 9002 standards.


The machinery that we offer in each of our lines, are equipment that has imported high-tech components based on our own technical specifications, and experience that allows us to guarantee our products, achieving low costs and in turn surpassing the expectations and demands of our customers.

We assist in a professional manner, each project of our clients, working for them and formulating the precise proposals. The team of Executives that represent us, are professionals, who have years of experience immersed in the plastics industry and who will provide the necessary assistance to carry out their projects efficiently and successfully.

We have highly qualified personnel that offer technical assistance to develop the projects of the clients and provide solutions to their needs. We also offer a strict quality control and logistics of the offices, thus achieving the full satisfaction of each of our clients.

A large number of clients throughout Latin America and the Caribbean support us and are our best letter of introduction.

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We hope to deserve your trust and attend to it in a timely manner.



Our Vision is in producer the highest quality and durability machines at the lowest price, offering warranty, installation and the best after-sales service, we work with the desire to meet the exact needs of our customers. We are attentive to the expectations to offer excellent solutions, due to the years of experience and specialization in the fields of machinery at the service of the plastics industry,

In VERMACK MACHINERY all the projects are important and we treat them as our own, in order to offer equipment that delivers the highest profitability to our clients.

We offer an integral service of responsibility that includes the guarantee, after sale, installation and training for the use of our machines and the accompaniment throughout their life cycles.


To be recognized as the leading representations company in the field, dedicated to provide service for the sale of machinery for the plastics industry and related throughout Latin America.


As manufacturers, we provide an adequate forecast and an ideal solution to the machinery produced for our brand.

We have expert technicians and support for diagnosis and solution of technical problems, electronic, all in Spanish and direct from our own factory.

Our technical service is world-class and does not close a case until the problem is solved.

Spare Parts

Our spare parts are the originals of each machine and as in all our equipment we have the option to include imported components of high quality and durability. The parts necessary for the maintenance and correct operation of your machine will be direct in your factory for all our lines and at the lowest price .

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VERMACK MACHINERY puts in the Companies of all the Latin American businessmen, competitive teams of the highest quality, technology, with the best internal components, at the best price, guarantee and technical support in the market.

We are the strategic solution for the future of your business.

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